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Is protectionism on the rise in Australia?
Leadenhall Insights – Sovereign Risk, November 2017

The Amazon effect – more pain in the retail jungle
Leadenhall Insights – Amazon, October 2017

Why ASIC continues to focus on impairment testing and how you can assess your discount rates reliably
Update on Market Discount Rates as at 30 June 2015

Discount Rates and Impairment Testing
Early Warning, May 2015

Discount Rates and Impairment Testing – Now you know
Executive Report, December 2014

Perfect Valuation Report for Tax Purposes: missing pieces of the puzzle
Article written for inTAX Magazine

Impairment Testing – estimation of discount rates
Article written for The Strategic CFO Magazine

Finding suitable strategic acquisitions
Article written for InBusiness Magazine

Audit committee guide to impairment: Key concepts for directors June 2014
Joint publication with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia

Critical issues in acquisitions
Article written for The Strategic CFO magazine

Alternative methodology for valuing customer relationships
LCA contribution to the 1st edition of BVA Magazine

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