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Leadenhall was established in 1982 and is a leading Australian independent corporate advisory firm specialising in the valuation of businesses, intangible assets and intellectual property. We have a national team of 12 with offices in Sydney and Adelaide.

We are a group of highly experienced valuation professionals, many with ‘big 4’ corporate finance and valuations experience. Our approach is transparent and responsive, with a commercial mindset. Through our extensive technical and commercial experience, our contacts and industry knowledge, we offer clients high quality commercial valuation advice to support decisions and assist in satisfying regulatory and compliance obligations.


We are often asked about the meaning of our name, Leadenhall. Leadenhall Street and Leadenhall Market are in the financial centre of the city of London and it is from here our name was derived. The history of Leadenhall dates back to the first century AD, when it was at the centre of the Roman city of Londinium. At that time there was a law court and marketplace on the site.

The present name, Leadenhall, refers to a manor with a large lead roof subsequently built on the site. The manor is first listed as belonging to Sir Hugh Neville in 1309. Neville allowed his tenants to use the grounds of the manor as a marketplace and by 1320 it had become an established poultry market and by the end of the century it was also known for its cheesemongers. Lord Mayor of London, Richard (Dick) Whittington, later acquired Leadenhall and in 1411 gave the site to the city of London. Over the years the market flourished to provide a site for selling poultry, grain, eggs, butter, cheese, herbs, wool, leather and cutlery.

The famous London diarist, Samuel Pepys recorded in 1663 that he had bought a good leg of beef for sixpence there. Three years later the market survived the Great Fire of London, suffering only a small amount of damage. Rebuilding after the fire included providing a covered structure.

In 1881 a new building was designed by Sir Horace Jones, who also designed Tower Bridge. The building, which remains on the site today, became the inspiration for our Leadenhall logo.

In 1982 a financial advisory firm named Leadenhall was founded in Australia. The name was chosen to reflect our reliability, our founder’s link to the UK, and our understanding of (financial) markets.


The diamond shape in our logo is a modern representation of the ceiling of the Leadenhall market building. The logo also represents clarity, with its similarity to a gemstone. This supports our strong belief in ensuring our analysis is clearly explained and easy to follow. The tagline ‘Now you know’ was conceived following an independent survey of our clients. The consistent feedback was that not only are we technically adept, but we are unique in our ability to explain our analysis. In this way we empower our clients with knowledge and understanding.


Leadenhall is the Australian member of the Valuation Research Group (VRG) which has a global network of over 800 professionals and clients in 60 countries. The VRG international group delivers independent valuation and advisory services and offers deep expertise in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructuring, capital markets, financial and tax reporting matters, investment banking, and real estate advisory. Founded in 1995, our team is located throughout continental Europe, the U.K., Australia, Asia, and North and South America. Clients benefit from a powerful combination of our depth of experience, an impressive client roster, and a well-connected leadership team. Click here to meet our international affiliates.


It’s one thing to be appointed to the Australian Tax Office Panel for Financial Valuations and have an Assistant Commissioner say ‘I have been litigating valuation issues for 15 years and this is the first time someone has explained a valuation and the critical issues so clearly’. And quite another to be known as the creators of the Australian Valuation Handbook. But these, and all our other industry honours, add up to the same thing for you: a safe pair of hands for your next valuation.

  • Provider of valuation courses for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA)
  • Lecturers at TEC, Ausbiotech, and previously FINSIA and Kaplan
  • Member of the ASIC Panel of Independent Experts
  • Authors of the Australian Valuation Handbook since 1998
  • Providers of ICAA course ‘Improving quality IERs’
  • Australian representative of the Valuation Research Group, voted Valuation Firm of the Year for the fourth year in a row in 2014

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