Enjoy the wealth that good health brings   

Anchor“Many years ago I was sent this post card. It has survived three office moves and still has pride of place in our office kitchen.

In the last two years it has become more poignant as my wife has been diagnosed with cancer, two close friends have had major life threatening surgeries and we have all experienced the COVID-19 pandemic.

My wife and my two friends now seem to be getting better and with the commencement of the new year I had time to reflect on this simple (badly spelt) message: “Helth = Welth”.

As the world slowly gets control of the COVID19 pandemic, I look forward spending quality time with my wife and friends and to travelling again to learn more about the world and myself.

My closing words – the Leadenhall team cannot place a value on it, but enjoy the wealth that good health brings.

I would like to thank Graham Chilman for the thought provoking image and for the other fantastic images.”

– Simon Dalgarno