Jack Ryan, Leadenhall Analyst


Exploring a career at Leadenhall: Insights from Jack Ryan

In a recent career Q&A session, we had the opportunity to speak with Jack Ryan, an analyst at Leadenhall. Jack shared his experiences transitioning from an intern to an analyst and provided valuable insights into the challenges, rewards, and surprises he encountered along the way. Let’s dive into our conversation with Jack to learn more about his journey at Leadenhall.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your current role at Leadenhall?

Jack: “I got my start at Leadenhall as an intern through the Macquarie University cooperative education program, which allows students to get real-life industry experience and study at the same time. Now, I’m working as an analyst, aiming to understand the business and our clients as a whole rather than specialising in a specific area.”

Q: What made you choose Leadenhall?

Jack: “Leadenhall stood out to me because they offered a different focus compared to other companies. With a background in accounting, I wanted something more than traditional accounting work. Leadenhall’s emphasis on corporate finance and advisory work intrigued me, and it turned out to be a path I genuinely enjoyed.”

Q: What were the biggest challenges and hurdles you faced when transitioning from an intern to an analyst?

Jack: “The main challenge is that there is still plenty to learn, including the intricacies of our broad array of clients and the finer details which we incorporate into our reports. However, I’m up for the challenge!”

Q: How did you overcome these challenges and continue learning in your role?

Jack: “I rely on the knowledge and experience of my colleagues. When I have questions about routine tasks, I ask team members directly. For client-focused matters, I set up meetings or reach out to the directors. Building a strong technical understanding has been essential, and being the newest member of the team, I consider everyone a valuable point of contact.”

Q: What aspects of your role have you enjoyed the most?

Jack: “I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the level of autonomy and independence I’ve been given in my work. Unlike previous internships, where I followed instructions, at Leadenhall, I’m trusted to direct my own work. Additionally, the social side of the company has been a great experience. Having regular catch-ups and social events has been a welcome change.”

Q: What advice would you give to other interns or students considering a career at Leadenhall?

Jack: “Approach the opportunity with an open mind and embrace the uncertainty. Even if it’s not what you initially imagined, it might turn out to be something you genuinely enjoy. Be willing to learn and adapt. Brushing up on corporate finance knowledge and industry jargon can be helpful, but the training provided at Leadenhall is excellent, making it a supportive environment for interns.”

Q: What are your aspirations for your career, both in the short term and long term?

Jack: “In the short term, I plan to continue growing and developing at Leadenhall. As for the long term, I’m unsure – this career path wasn’t something I anticipated a few years ago, but I’m glad it happened and it seems like there’s a really natural career progression here, so I’m looking forward to seeing where my career journey takes me.”  

Q: Are you happy to share anything about yourself outside of work? 

Jack: “Sure – like a few other of my teammates at Leadenhall I’m really into rock climbing, so I’ll often head to the gym after work. And then on weekends I like to get away to the Blue Mountains which is a great place to reset. I also enjoy photography (a few samples below) and just being outside doing anything and everything – I’m an outdoorsy person. 



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