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Leadenhall celebrates 40 years of business valuation excellence

40 years of business valuation excellence

Leadenhall marked 40 years of providing business valuation services with an event in Sydney and Adelaide late last year.

Held at The Mint (part of Museums of History NSW), the Sydney event in November hosted around 50 attendees for cocktails and canapés as we reflected on four decades of developing a growing team of experts and an expanding network of loyal clients and partners. 

The Adelaide event celebrated our origins, as that’s where the Leadenhall journey started in 1982. The original founder, Tim Lebbon, saw a need to focus more on deal-making and corporate advice in the South Australian market and left an international consultancy to begin the business. Tim was one of the guests who attended two dinners at the Adelaide Club in December to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Leadenhall, along with clients, friends and advisers. Current Adelaide directors Simon Dalgarno and Gary Cornelius were joined by Richard Norris from the Sydney office and spoke of their long association with Leadenhall and the unique culture which has developed over time during the transition and growth of the firm following the inevitable ‘sliding doors’ moments.

In particular, the decisions to write the “Business Valuations Digest” (now the “Australian Valuation Handbook”) and to join the international Valuation Research Group, complemented the commitment to top quality work and led to the specialisation in the valuation of intangible assets which has flourished to this day. A number of the guests added to the informality and enjoyment of the evenings by contributing anecdotes to the walks down memory lane and most left with requests to make sure that they were invited to the 50th anniversary in 2032!

We want to extend a huge thank you to all for your support, and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional service in the years to come.

Scroll down for a short anniversary video and a gallery of photos from the event.

Anniversary video

Event gallery


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