Discount rate September 2023

Markets have declined over the last quarter as persistent inflation and the potential for further rate rises continue to weigh on the ASX 200. These fears have seen a rapid increase in government bond yields over the last month. With market conditions continuing to evolve rapidly, we have provided an update on our assessment of discount rates as at 30 September 2023.

Discount rate update – March 2023

Market discount rate March 2023

Markets have been volatile over the last month with uncertainty surrounding the global banking system and the broader economy, alongside inflation and recession concerns. With market conditions continuing to evolve rapidly, we have provided an update on our assessment of discount rates as at 31 March 2023.

Discount rate update – December 2022

discount rate update 30 December 2022

1. Market discount rate update – introduction Click to download PDF version Inflation and recession concerns continue to drive market volatility, with a deteriorating outlook for the global economy towards the end of December 2022. The selection of a reasonable discount rate therefore remains a key consideration, whether for the purpose of financial reporting or […]

Leadenhall’s most valuable assets

Leadenhalls most valuable assets, careers at Leadenhall

Even though we’re an industry that relies on facts and formulas, we hope it’s no surprise to you that our most valuable assets are our people. At Leadenhall, we take pride in our focus on attracting a diverse range of talent, developing our people and creating clear career pathways. Internal Leadenhall promotions Leadenhall Director Richard […]

Forecasting in a COVID-19 world – Practical solutions in an uncertain environment

Forecasting in a COVID-19 world

As part of the 30 June reporting period and with the beginning of a new financial year, companies are undoubtedly focused on many aspects of the future, one of which is likely to be how to approach budgets and projections for business planning, capital requirements, and impairment testing. Forecasting 3-5 years in the future has […]

Independent Expert’s Report Review

Independent Expert’s Report Review

Welcome to our first Independent Expert’s Report Review.  A short round up of recent trends in Independent Experts’ Reports (IERs).  For those that are not familiar with IERs and would like more background on what they are and when they are needed, click here for more information. For the initial review we have summarised data […]


Discount rate update Dec 2018

The overall cost of capital remains stable Our latest update on how to assess your discount rates identified that: ⬧ Market indices have fallen due to a combination of lower growth expectations and a higher implied equity market risk premium, offset to some extent by a lower risk free rate. ⬧ With a higher market […]